Parent Section

An active, hands on approach

At Hands on Discovery we take an active, hands-on approach to learning. We believe children learn best when they are engaged and actively participating in their education. Our goal is to create a balanced and solid foundation in all areas of learning including math, science, language arts, literature, and music to prepare them for future educational success. We believe that preschool provides a fun and unique opportunity to build within each child a life long love of learning.

Children's self esteem and confidence will grow as they work together in positive individual and cooperative group activities and strengthen their fine and gross motor skills. We only take six children per session to ensure maximum interaction between child and teacher. Each day, children will have the opportunity to get their hands dirty and uncover the world around them at Hands on Discovery.

Discover our curriculum

Through monthly themes, we implement a variety of venues including science, language arts, music, literature, math, dramatic play, and creative movement. Each monthly theme is broken down into specific lessons, experiments, and activities that allow children to explore each theme in great depth.